Tips for Planning your Destination Wedding - Bixby + Pine Guest Post

A couple months back we got to shoot an amazing intimate wedding at Mt. Rainier National Park. We figured while we were in town we figured we'd reach out to our Instagram friends, the girls at Bixby and Pine. They put together this gorgeous session for us and they were gracious enough to offer you all a little advice for planning a destination wedding! 

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Hey, we’re the girls of B+P! We like graphic tanks, tacos, and margaritas. We are wedding planners, designers, stylists, and best friends based out of the PNW, and we love love love destinations weddings (we love to travel) BUT we feel like there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning a wedding from afar. 

1 // Splurge on important vendors.

If you love a certain photographer, bring them (might we suggest Kyle + Tori?!). If you’ve always use the same hair and make up gal (and she makes you feel bomb) don’t leave her behind. We promise it’ll be worth it! 

2 // Know when to go local.

Maybe you aren’t sold on a florist and would rather go with someone local—after all, they do know the season's best and have lots of little tricks for dealing with their local weather—then don’t spend your money flying someone (and flowers) in! Caterer? We say go local. DJ? We say local! 

3 // Don’t ‘do it yourself’.

While you might think it’ll save you money, it won’t save you time or stress (and sometimes it doesn't even save you money)!! Can you imagine packing all of your projects up?! Save yourself the stress :)

We decided 3 tips weren't enough...but we don’t like even numbers, so here’s 3.5... 

3.5 // Treat yourself.

Stay somewhere incredible, it’ll end up adding to your overall experience. When you think back to your wedding, this little detail will make them so much more happy! Where you stay, the food you enjoy, the atmosphere you surround yourself in, all of those really are the memories you’ll be bringing home.

Well guys, thanks for reading and take a peak at an elopement shoot we did when Kyle + Tori came to town!


Planning + Design: Bixby + Pine

Flowers: Bixby + Pine

Silks: Adorn Company

Stationary: Five Dot

Film Lab: Boutique Film Lab