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Adventure Wedding Photographer in Utah

raise your hand if this sounds like you!

  • You LOVE those epic scenic pictures, but hiking a couple of miles is not your favorite idea. (We Feel You!)

  • You don't really LIKE getting your picture taken and you feel like you're awkward in front of the camera. (yeah, SAME!)

  • You want your wedding day to be an amazing experience and you want someone to capture it beautifully. (Hi 😏)

If any of that sounds like you, we’re here to help!

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Your wedding should be unforgettable and with Kyle and Tori, they will make it happen, without a doubt! They were chill, relaxed, professional, and interactive. It’s great there are both of them so we have photos from several angles during our ceremony... We can not recommend them enough...
— Chelsea + Henry | St. George, UT


You want those incredibly epic portraits, but hiking isn’t really your thing. We feel you, and we’re here for you. To be perfectly honest, we’re pretty bad at hiking, so no judgement here! We’ll find you the perfectly epic location that only requires an adventure-ish spirit.

If you’re more of the adventurous type, don’t worry, we’re all in for you too! We’ll put in the miles for those locations that hold a special place in your heart. Just promise you won’t judge us for our heavy breathing 😏

Adventure Elopement Photographer in Zion National Park
Kyle and Tori are so amazing at what they do! They took both our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures. Not only are they your personal hype-men, but they make you feel comfortable and confident almost instantly. They maintained such a positive energy all day, even after hours and hours of wedding photos. The quality and quantity of the photos we got back was outstanding. We can’t recommend them enough!
— Emily + Jeremiah | Casper, WY

have the best photo experience ever!

Adventure Wedding Photographer Interracial wedding Colorado

We give you all the direction you need, focus your attention on each other, and gush over how friggin’ cute you are. We take your mind off of how awkward this whole thing feels by distracting you with demonstrations of how weird Kyle is. We’ll make you look amazing and in love while being your biggest cheerleader!

Both my husband and I are not comfortable in front of a camera, so we were both a little worried about how our wedding photos would go. Little did we know, all of our worries were for nothing. Kyle and Tori are so professional, kind, attentive, and friendly! They made the entire process so FUN (and painless) for us! ... Our wedding would not have been the same without them!!
— Sara+Jeremy | Pasadena, California

He drinks coffee. She plays music

We balance each other out, drive each other crazy, and love each other deeply

we are the photographers you’re looking for

We are lovers of travel, Jesus, and good doggos. We’re fun, easy-going, adaptable and completely committed to making sure your wedding is as stress-free as possible! We believe your wedding story should be told beautifully, preserving every detail, emotion and story.


Kyle is the resident hooligan. He's crazy and rambunctious with a hint of a rebellious streak. He keeps her wild and takes care of her when things get a little scary.


Tori is the slow and steady. She's thoughtful, methodical and organized. She keeps him safe and on track when he gets a little ahead of himself or forgets to eat.


Are we best friends yet?!


(It’s like a choose your own adventure)

Kyle may love Tori, but we love both of them! ... Although meeting them in person for the first time on the morning of our big day, Kyle and Tori were so comfortable to work with, belonging just as naturally from the start as our friends and family. We had a blast shooting at several fun spots around the city (San Francisco) and were well taken care of the whole time. Kyle and Tori are amazing people, awesome photographers, and provide exceptional services at a fair price!
— Ryan+Jayme | San Francisco, CA

 Let’s have an Adventure!


Get Epic Photos, Give Water

We get to do what we love for a living thanks to you, and that means the world to us! So to show our gratitude, we’ve decided to give a portion of everything we make to Thirst Relief International, a non-profit with a simple mission: Change lives and communities through clean water solutions. That means not only will you get amazing wedding photos you’ll also be giving clean water to those in need around the world! Thanks to the love and support of couples like you, we were able to provide more than 450 people with clean water for 25 years in 2018!

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