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Traveling Wedding Photographers

We currently travel for more than 70% of our work and we love it! We always feel so inspired when we get to explore a new place, especially when we get to do it with a couple in love! We will literally travel anywhere we are legally able to work with you (sorry, Canada) and we work hard to keep the travel rates down so you won't have to spend a fortune. It’s one of Kyle’s favorite things to do travel research and find the best deals. Shoot us a message and we'll get you a quote!

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Kyle and Tori captured our day in a way that was beyond expectations. They traveled across the country, and the results are photos that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks again guys!
— James+Rebecca // Lake George, New York
Couple poses by airplane for wedding portraits in Saratoga Springs, New York

Travel Dates

Do you live in one of the places listed below? Perfect! Have you always wanted to go to one of them? Meet us there! It’s pretty easy to convince us to extend a trip in one direction or the other and we’d be stoked to make the most out of every stop along our journey! We’re always down for a road trip (those podcasts aren’t going to listen to themselves!). So even if you live near-ish to one of these regions, chances are we can figure out how to make it work!


January - Yosemite + Bay Area, California

February - Salt Lake City, UT

March 5th-8th - Brooklyn, NYC

Kyle dances like a fool when he gets excited. It happens every time we get a new email

Kyle dances like a fool when he gets excited. It happens every time we get a new email

May 2nd-6th - Wyoming

May 13th-19th - Colorado

May 30th-June 4th - Wyoming

June 5th-13th - Colorado

June 14th-17th - Bozeman, Montana

June 19th-26th - Colorado

July 25th-30th - Colorado

August 12th-16th - Bay Area, California

August 22nd-26th - Colorado

October 4th-7th - Salt Lake City, Utah