Husband and wife wedding photography team Kyle and Tori Sheppard snuggle in Zion National Park
Kyle Loves Tori Photography husband and wife team snuggling in Zion National Park, UT

Husband and Wife Photography Team

We are a husband and wife photography team specializing in adventure weddings and elopements for the sorta adventurous. We are full-time nomads, podcast bingers, and firm believers that your wedding should be about you! As a team, we work together to give you two unique, yet cohesive perspectives on your love story.


About Us

Our story beings when Kyle moved to St. George, Utah to work at Tori’s church. When Kyle started pursuing photography, he discovered this cute girl also happened to be into photography. Clearly, this meant he needed an assistant at all his photoshoots. 😏 We got married at sunrise overlooking the city with the peaks of Zion in the background.

Full-Time Nomads

After a year of almost non-stop travel, we both decided that we should stop paying rent just to store our furniture and give the full-time nomad life a try! We saved our pennies and bought ourselves a 31ft fixer-upper of an RV and we LOVE IT! Now we have the flexibility to roam and explore and meet you anywhere!

Star photography of Full-time nomadic photographers Kyle and Tori on the RV

Random Facts

  • Dogs are the heckin’ best! If you have a dog, we are certainly going to be friends!

  • Food is one of our favorites part of traveling, We love trying new places and cuisines

  • We quote movies and TV shows, like a lot

  • We both love shooting at sunrise, but neither of us are morning people

  • We listen to so many podcasts. Our favorite topics are politics, history, science, finance and business, and true crime and story telling.

  • We love tattoos (We both currently have 5) and we both want to get more

  • We have been to 32 states together and counting

  • We did all of the RV renovations ourselves!


We Love Jesus

He’s been a central part of our story from the beginning. We want to conduct ourselves in a way that shows who He is and love on people the way He loves us. For us, that means caring for and serving you with respect, no matter your story.

We Love to Travel

Obviously, we decided to do it full-time! We’ve explored all over Colorado and Utah, walked around NYC, adventured along the California cost, and everything in between! You can ask to go anywhere and we’ll be there!

We Love What we do!

Thanks to couples like you, we get to do what we love and make a living out it! That love and gratitude fuels our excitement for every wedding and photoshoot we get to be a part of! We’ll be your hypemen and reassuring voice gushing about how awesome and fun everything is!



I'm basically just a little boy at heart: easily excitable and I still want to be like my dad when I grow up. I was born and raised in Colorado and even though I think Utah is rad, those mountains will always have my heart. I'm crazy passionate, sometimes to a fault. When I decide I like something, I want to know everything about it. I got into photography after picking up my first camera and teaching myself everything I could via the internet and practice. I'm the leader of the duo, I typically give direction, help craft the moments, and shoot the epic wide images. You’ll often find me in a tree or climbing some rocks to get the shot I want. I will certainly get way too excited, stumble over my words and make a general fool of myself. Thankfully, that seems to be disarming and helps our couples feel a little more at ease!

Random Facts

  • I'm a serious coffee snob, like I run a coffee Instagram on the side kind of serious

  • I love getting my hair cut. I go to my barber every two weeks.

  • I’m really good a Flossing (the dance move), if the right song comes on, it’ll probably happen at your reception.

  • I cried like a baby when I first saw Tori at our wedding

  • My taste in music is broad and kinda random. I love everything from metal to folk. Though my all time favorite band is The Classic Crime

  • I have a degree in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry but I decided photography was more my speed

  • I’m a fidgeter. When I’m really focused on something I tap on anything and everything around me.



I was born and raised in the great state of Utah, and learned in my early teens to appreciate the beauty around me - feeling a little bit bad for people who live in places without mountains. I have loved photography since high school, and I have hard drives of embarrassing photos of rusty junk, Southern Utah mountains, my dog, and my sister - who I frequently made my model. I’m detail oriented and very much a planner, but being married to Kyle has taught me to loosen up a little. I love hospitality, and I show love through feeding and taking care of people. At weddings I'm watching for in between moments, fly away hair, and beautiful lace details, making sure we're within our timeline, and sharing my snacks so our couple doesn't get too hungry before dinner.

Random Facts

  • I love music, and I learned to play guitar from DVD’s, and then taught myself to play piano by ear

  • I'm the oldest of 9 siblings in a blended family

  • I got my first job when I was 18, and I worked there for 6 years - until I quit to do photography full time

  • My sister and I have matching big and little dipper tattoos because we’re adorable

  • I was homeschooled until my junior year of high school, then said “Screw this” and got my GED so I could start college a year early

  • I love mail, letters and postcards, and have a binder of basically every letter or card I’ve ever received. I will for sure be your pen pal!

  • I have tried so, so hard, but I honestly and sincerely do not like the taste of coffee

Sooo… now that we’re best friends



Let’s have an adventure together!

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