Colorado National Monument Backyard Wedding - Grand Junction

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The Colorado National Monument played a special role in Lou and Heidi's relationship. Heidi grew up nearby, but didn't begin to appreciate it's beauty until she came home from college. On their first date, they decided to hike the Serpent's Trail, where Lou later asked Heidi to be his wife. So we made a plan to meet up the morning after their wedding to catch sunrise in the park. It felt wonderfully poetic for them to spend the first dawn of their marriage in the midst of the beautiful views that helped define their relationship.


From Lou & Heidi:

How did you two meet?

   I had just gotten off work. I was extremely tired and didn't want to meet anyone. When I got a phone call from a friend who was having a bonfire at his place and wanted me at all cost over to meet his girlfriend, at the time, and her younger sister. He eventually convinced me to come over and introduced me to both Heidi and her sister. I chose to be alone for the most parts of that night and as i stood by the fire, she came by my side and spoke to me like I would have never expected at such a college event. I immediately fell in love with her that we spent the entire night talking, and everyday since.

How did he/she propose?

On new year's eve of 2017 I planned a date with Heidi at her favorite restaurant, I had a friend who worked there male a list of all her favorite songs and play them while we had dinner. Afterwards we walked a bit and went up on the specific spot up on the mountain, where we had our first date. I got down on one knee and proposed, when she said yes, we celebrated by heading back to her parents' home where family and friends waited for our arrival.

Why did you choose the theme of your wedding?

Heidi had always envisioned things the way they happened and I was absolutely excited to be a part of it.

What made you pick your venue?

We were wed on August 12th in her parents backyard. Her dad had built the house many years back. Saw his three daughters grow old and had always expected to see them get married there.

Did a particular moment in your day stick out to you personally?

The dancing was very memorable. It was nice seeing all the different cultures mixed up and enjoy each other's company until the night ended.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Make it exactly the way you want it too be. Don't get too caught up on the details. Remember to only invite those people willing to celebrate fully and without any reservation in that big day.