Kyle and Tori Sheppard, Husband and Wife Photography Team, on Berthoud Pass in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Husband and Wife Photography Team

We are a husband and wife photography team specializing in adventure weddings and elopements. We are professional road trippers, podcast bingers, and firm believers in the non-traditional approach to wedding planning. As a team, we always work together to give two unique, yet cohesive perspectives on your love story.

About Us

Our story begins in St. George, Utah when Kyle moved down to work at Tori's church as an intern youth pastor. We got to know each other through our church’s college Bible study group. Kyle was starting to pursue photography and found out this cute girl also happened to be into photography. He decided that he needed an assistant for his photoshoots, which made for a convenient opportunity to hang out with Tori more. We got married at sunrise overlooking the city with the peaks of Zion in the background. From that day on, we dove head first into this adventure together and wouldn’t change it for anything!

We love Jesus

He's been a central part of our story from the beginning. More than anything we want to operate in a way that shows who He is and love on people the way He loves us. For us, that means caring for and serving each of our couples and treating them with respect, no matter their story, while doing everything within our ability to provide an honorable service. 

We love to travel

We’ve been to Seattle, all over Colorado and Utah, adventured in Arizona, road tripped to Nashville, explored the Twin Cities, and honeymooned in Costa Rica, and that's just the beginning! Few things are as exciting to us as an opportunity to share an experience in a new place with cool people and to document their love together. We have an extensive bucket list of places we’d love to visit, maybe one of them is on yours too, we should totally go together!

We love weddings

Like, we really really love them. They're so cool, and so weird all at the same time. How many other events do people get as heavily invested in as a wedding? People are stoked, parties are had, emotions are everywhere; and in the midst of it all, two people in love make some of the most important commitments. We get to document you launching into the adventure of life together, surrounded by people that love you. Every wedding we photograph is a reminder of how awesome marriage is, and how privileged we are to be a part of it all!

Random Facts

  • Our adventure vehicle is a Subaru Forester, affectionally named Scooby, short for Scooby-Do-Baru

  • We frequently take work dates to local cafes

  • We geek out over good quality paper stock together

  • Tori is taller than Kyle, just barely, and far more mature

  • We absolutely loved everything about our wedding (and we want you to feel the same about yours!)

  • We love sushi, and tacos, and curry, and most other foods

  • We quote movies and TV shows, a lot

  • Taylor Swift is our road trip jam

  • We both love sunrise, but mornings are hard

  • Few things can beat a rowdy dance party reception

  • We are hooked on podcasts. 99% Invisible is one of our favorites

  • We love tattoos (Currently Kyle has 5 and Tori has 4)


I'm a Southern Utah native, I love the warmth and the sun and hanging out at the lake. I love music and dance parties with family and friends. I have a soft spot for country music and driving on back dirt roads.  I'm the details of the duo, I keep him on track, while focusing on the special little details and moments that make each wedding and couple unique. 

Random Facts

  • I can play piano and guitar

  • I was a graphic designer for a vinyl decal company

  • I have a tattoo of the big dipper, and my sister has the little dipper

  • I could watch New Girl and 30 Rock for the rest of my life

  • I was homeschooled until my Junior year of High school

  • I'm always on the hunt for cool post cards to exchange on PostCrossing


I'm basically just a little boy at heart: easily excitable and I still want to be like my dad when I grow up. I was born and raised in Colorado and even though I think Utah is rad, those mountains will always have my heart. I'm crazy passionate, sometimes to a fault. When I decide I like something, I want to know everything about it. I'm the leader of the duo, I typically give direction, help craft the moments, and shoot the epic wide images.

Random Facts

  • I'm a serious coffee snob, like I run a coffee Instagram on the side serious

  • I love getting my hair cut. I go to my barber every two weeks.

  • I’m really good a Flossing (the dance move), if the right song comes on, it’ll probably happen at your reception.

  • I cried like a baby when I first saw her at our wedding

  • I love rowdy music like metal and punk.


Now that we're pretty much best friends...

Killer photos of us

We believe in the value of investing in the work of talented professionals, we did just that for our engagements, our wedding, and our anniversary, it was one of the best decisions we made and we intend to make it a tradition. Engagements by Tyler Rye, adventure and wedding portraits by Isaiah and Taylor Ryan, and anniversary portraits by Dawn Photography please go check out these crazy awesome photographers!