Cedar Breaks Utah Adventure Wedding Portraits | Erik and Kylie

Erik + Kylie

Even though Erik and Kylie went to the same college and had many of the same friends, they never met while there. They both moved 8 hours away to California where finally their paths crossed. Erik and Kylie both worked for a great company where they were introduced by a mutual friend. After messaging back and forth for a bit, it was one of those incredible sparks of love at first sight.

On their first date, Erik took Kylie up a beautiful scenic overlook. It's high above our desert city where you can see the glowing city lights and the surrounding valley. Late one night Erik took her back up there to “light floating lanterns..” As they got closer she could see some lights in the distance. When they walked closer there was white cloth and lace spread out over the rocks with rose petals and candles everywhere. Even though she thought it was for someone else, she said yes!

We met up with Erik and Kylie for their portraits in Cedar Breaks, east of Cedar City. This hiking trail is special to both Kylie and Erik, having grown up in the area. We were lucky enough to be visiting during wildflower season, so we had to capture the adorable blooms while we were there. We finished out the evening by capturing the sunset where they got engaged!

Their Wedding Day

We asked about what stood out about their wedding day. Erik said, "There had been months of preparation and everything came together. Our outdoor celebration area was decorated with lots of detail. Five minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive, a soft rumbling began. Within moments everything was soaking wet with rain. But what made this especially memorable, was the way my Kylie handled it. She stayed smiling the whole time! She once again confirmed that she is the girl of my dreams."

We captured Erik and Kylie's exit from the Cedar City Temple after their ceremony. This temple is less than a year old and this was our first time shooting at this beautiful building. We waited with the rest of their friends and family for them to emerge as a married couple!

Their advice to other couples getting married: The day itself is a big day, but the most important part is to have fun and enjoy it. Be grateful to those who help in any sort of way. Make memories and don’t sweat the small stuff. You can still rely on the experiences and advice of others. But, remember it's your life together and your wedding. When preparing things gets stressful, remember to take a moment to breathe. The day before our wedding, we took a short getaway to go to lunch together (her and me). It felt so good to take a moment and just talk and be together.