Downtown Minneapolis Engagements

Friend of a Friend

Turns out Instagram is a pretty cool medium for meeting people. During our last trip to Minneapolis, we ended up with a free day and we thought we would try and book a session to make the most of our time in the Twin Cities. Rewind a year previous, we met up with Kyle Ellefson, a graphic designer we met over Instagram, for dinner. Back in February, Kyle connected us with another Minneapolis creative, a photographer named Jon Burns, who was making a trip to Zion. I ended up joining him for a trek up Angel's Landing. 

We texted Jon while we were in Minneapolis to see if he knew anyone who would be interested in a portrait session on our free day. He got us in contact with the recently engaged Emily. We made plans and met up early in the morning for an engagement session with her and Neal. 

Casual Downtown Engagements

We got to spend that morning with Neal and Emily walking around the city near Stonearch Bridge. We stopped at anything that caught our eye to snag some portraits of the two of them. Emily works at a local church as a worship team leader, so when we saw that piano sitting on the street corner with a sign that read "Play me," we just couldn't resist. 

Can't wait to head by to Minneapolis in October for their wedding!