Big Cottonwood Canyon Adventure Vow Renewal - Salt Lake City, Utah

10 Year Anniversary, Adventure Vow Renewal

Honestly, sometimes things don't always go according to plan during a photoshoot. John and LeeAnn opted to change when we arrived at our location, as we often recommend for optimal commute comfort. Turns out, we left a rather important bag at our meeting location that contained John's shoes. However, we are personal advocates of embracing the imperfections and making the best of any situation. So we did the whole shoot and John wore his flip flops, and you know what? We love this session so much! We had an absolute blast hanging out with John and LeeAnn and we are absolutely in love with the images we walked away with.

LeeAnn wrote the following Utah Bride Blog when they featured this session.

The Love Story

John and I met when I was 11 he was 16. His dad was the Pastor of a small church my mom and I started attending in our home town of St. George. His younger sister and I became friends right away and are still great friends. I was always at their house, and John was like an older brother in every sense – especially in the teasing department. He left for college when I was 14 and we didn’t spend very much time together for the next few years.
When I was a junior in College, we met up again while we were both home over Christmas break. He had graduated, just finished an internship, and was taking a job in Springville. I definitely had a little lingering crush on him from before, but I had a feeling he still saw me as a little sister. However, things were different this time and to my surprise and excitement, he asked me out. We started dating over the break and very quickly realized that we were in love. We were engaged by the summer and married the following spring- March 31, 2007. We have had 3 beautiful children, ages 8, 5, and 3.

The Vow Renewal

Being a family has been wonderful, but it hasn’t always been easy. There are a few reasons why we were so excited to do this Vow Renewal shoot. Obviously, it’s always nice to get dressed up and have your picture taken- especially in such a lovely place like Utah. This year was also our 10 year anniversary. But the most sentimental reason for me was to examine the vows we
exchanged 10 years ago and see what they mean now.
When we said our vows the first time, we truly meant them. What we didn’t understand was what a vow truly meant as real life played out. In just ten years, we already feel like we have spent a lifetime together- figuring each other out, helping or hurting each other, dragging the other along, and also building each other up. We even hit a really hard patch, and our vows were put to the test.

Reflection on Vows

What we realized is that a vow to another person doesn’t hinge on circumstances. It doesn’t hinge on a job, or health, or money, and it doesn’t depend on one person. Its two people who choose to do life together. We both came into our marriage with problems, baggage, and issues. And we’ve both made a lot of mistakes along the way. In these ten years, our love and commitment to each other has grown and evolved in ways I didn’t think possible. I had heard elderly people say they love their spouse more now than the day they got married- and honestly the younger me didn’t understand that. I get it now. Realizing that you still love each other, still choose each other, and have committed to each other- even after learning the faults, and the ugly, and the issues – is the most beautiful thing about a vow. John is my best friend and my favorite person, and I will always choose him.

Vow Renewal Photographers

As we've mentioned before, we feel so honored to be able to be a part of this genre of photography. We always love producing beautiful, adventurous imagery and documenting a couple's love for each other, but vow renewals bless and refresh us in a really special way. Just as every wedding reminds us of the vows we made and the crazy awesome time we had at our wedding, vow renewals remind and encourage us that even when it gets hard choosing each other is worth it. It's an invaluable experience to be a part of.

Vendor Credits

Dress: Bling It On Dress Rentals

Hair and Make Up: Hailey Boam

Film Lab: Boutique Film Lab