Epic Cliffside Vow Renewal - St. George, UT

Vow Renewal

If you talk with anyone who's been married for a while, they will tell you that marriage isn't always easy. Two imperfect people choose to intertwine their lives together and dive head-first, hand-in-hand, into an unknown future. Together they'll summit the peaks of joy and weather the valleys of hardship. Zach and Kristin had just weathered one of those valleys together. So we went on a little adventure together, to a place with breathtaking views of both peaks and valleys, to celebrate both. On the peak, overlooking the valley, Zach and Kristin renewed their vows to each other then danced to the song they first danced to at their wedding.

Looking down from the peak, even the valley is beautiful.

This was a really special session for us. Weddings are awesome and full of emotion and happiness and parties and we love them, but this was different. There is something incredibly special about watching two people who know experientially how hard life with another person can be re-affirm the promises they made. Plus, we just had a blast hanging out with these two, hiking, and quoting Nacho Libre! By the way, Zach just so happens to be the guy responsible for keeping Kyle's hair looking dapper. So if you're in Southern Utah in need of a barber, Zach is the guy you want to talk to!