Zion Winter Elopement - Zion National Park, Utah

Zion Winter Elopement, Canyon Overlook Trail

Zion National Park is know for its sweeping canyon vistas and iconic colorful sandstone walls. It's one of the most highly visited National Parks in the US with its peak season running from March to October. But as the crowds dwindle and the snow begins to fall Zion takes on a unique kind of beauty as the white snow contrasts against the red rock.

Lydia and Brandon met up with us in the town of Hurricane just south of the park and we drove together up to through the majestic canyon and winding switchbacks to the Canyon Overlook Trailhead. They changed into their wedding clothes behind some trees as the hike leveled off and we took advantage of the amazing scenery covered with snow. As the sun dipped below the canyon peaks, we made it to the Overlook view point where Lydia and Brandon snuggled up under Lydia's fur blanket and watched the light slowly fade from the canyon floor.

We finished off our incredible experience with some Mexican food at a restaurant in Saint George. We could definitely think of worse ways to spend a day!

Wedding Dress

Fiorella Gown, Dove Grey by Alexandra Grecco

Groom's Tuxedo

Custom Black Tux by Perfectly Suited


The bouquet and boutonniereby Bloomers Flowers & Decor featuring silks from Froufrou Chic

Jewelry and Accessories

Lydia's custom Marquis wedding ring and Brandon's Shinola wristwatch were from Seven Oaks Fine Jewelers in St. George Utah

Hair and Makeup

Lydia's beautiful waves and braids and soft look were by the talented Megan Ballou


Shot of Fujifilm Pro 400h and scanned by Boutique Film Lab