San Francisco City Hall Adventure Elopement - San Fran, CA

Adventure Elopements

There are few things we love more than spending a whole day with a couple in love, better yet, is document their vows in an intimate space and exploring to find awesome locations for epic pictures! 

Caleb and Greta scheduled the earliest possible time at the San Francisco City Hall for their elopement ceremony so we could maximize the rest of our day exploring and taking pictures. Accompanied by Caleb's brother and Greta's best friend, they shared their vows at the magnificent Rotunda then we took a couple of hours checking out the incredible architecture of City Hall. 

We found a little cupcake bakery by their hotel where they shared their own little cake cutting then wandered off to find ourselves a view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. We found two, one from the east looking out to the ocean and another from the west looking back into the bay. We ended our day of adventure at Lands End and the Sutro Baths and watched the sun drop below the water. It was an incredible experience. 

From the Bride

How did you two meet?

We were partnered to do a school project when we were eleven and twelve years old, and have been friends ever since. I always had an enormous crush, and it took a while for him to catch up. But he finally kissed me, and one year later to the day, we tied the knot.

How did he propose?

He came home from work one day, and I was already in my pajamas, makeup off, wet hair, just sitting on the couch. He put on a song that he had written and recorded for me. Got down on one knee, and proposed. Just the two of us, simple and intimate. It was really perfect.

Why did you choose to elope at San Francisco City Hall?

I had seen photographs of newly married couples in front of the city hall entrance, and was always intrigued by the idea of eloping. I researched it a bit, and fell in love with the building, it was so timeless, and elegant. 

Did a particular moment stick out to you?

I wore a long coat over my wedding dress, so Caleb wouldn't see it beforehand. Before we went to the county clerk's office, I had him face his back to me, then took off the coat. When he turned around, he looked at me like I was Christmas morning. And that is something I will always remember.

Tell us about the personal details you used

I had a piece of my mom's wedding dress sewn onto a hair comb that I wore. My bouquet was made of paper flowers, each one made with pages of Jane Austen's novels. And Caleb's boutonniere was a paper flower made from sheet music. My ring is an antique from the 1940s, his is made from a shotgun barrel. Everything in our wedding really reflected who we are, and I love that.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Make it about you. If you want a big party, then have one! If you want to elope, do it! It's not about anyone but you, so do whatever will make you the happiest.

Eloping was so much fun, I can't imagine that day being any better. 


Dress: Catherine Deane, Waterfall