Campground Christian Wedding - Steamboat Springs, CO


From the Bride+Groom:

How'd you meet?

We met while we were attending a Bible college in Wyoming, Nathan was roommates with Kayla's cousin.

How did Nathan propose?

He took me out to Curt Howdy State Park in Wyoming to enjoy a nice day in January. After a few minutes of hiking we came upon a frozen river where we skated around in our boots. Nathan faked a fall, I even pushed him a little bit, and smoothly pulled the ring from his pocket during his recovery and asked me to be his wife. My response was "Are you serious?! Yes!"

Tell us about your wedding

Both of us love camping and cabin life, so we decided on an early fall outdoor wedding at Stagecoach State Park in Colorado near Steamboat Springs where Kayla grew up. With the help from our families, we took a DIY approach and included elements that were really personal to us. Our faith has been the cornerstone of our lives individually and we wanted it to be the same for our life together. We had each of our fathers and Kayla's grandfather pray over us and we read from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 to each other as well. Kayla entered the ceremony on a boat piloted by a close family friend, and we made our exit on that same boat. To signify our unity together we planted a tree in the park using soil from both of our home states. For me (Kayla), I love the boat ride and the greeting line. It was so fun and special having our friends be a big part of the ceremony and it was so amazing being able to talk to so many people who have supported and loved us both throughout the years. For me (Nathan), the cake was the best part, we both took massive bites and Kayla could barely keep it all in her mouth. We started laughing so hard she was crying and I swear cake was coming out of her nose, it was hilarious and definitely memorable!

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

Focus on the big important things that everyone will see before turning your attention to the little thing that can easily go unnoticed. Don't lose your wallet, it can really add a lot of stress to the whole event! Listen to advice from others, but ultimately, make it your wedding! Delegate tasks to people you trust, be clear on what you want and then trust them to accomplish it. Make sure you have a talented and fun photographer! Your experience with them will create memories, and with the right one, they'll be cherished memories. Good and thorough pictures will recreate the special feelings from that day for years to come.